All cabinets are made with the face frame method. There is a frame built which the other parts are attached to. This is what gives the cabinet strength. The frame is constructed with 1 1/2" and 2" wide material which is assembled to make the frame.

We have four cabinet styles which determine the appearance and cost of the cabinetry.  First is standard overlay. The doors and drawers overlap the frame 1/2" on each side, leaving most of the face frame visible. This is the basic cost style. 

Second is full overlay. With this style the doors & drawers cover most of the frame giving a more contemporary appearance. All the doors & drawers are bigger than with standard overlay, so there is an increased cost for this style. 

Third is flush inset. With this style, there is no overlap of the frame as the doors & drawers are "inset" into the frame.  We have to be more exacting with this style so there is an increased cost for this style.

Fourth is beaded inset. This is the same as flush inset with the addition of a beaded groove around the inside frame pieces surrounding the doors & drawers. This has the highest cost.

Almost all of the door designs may be used with any of  the four cabinet styles.  

 Apron or Farm Sinks have become quite popular. Most of these sinks, for which we have built cabinets, were made of various types of kiln fired clay. One thing to keep in mind about these types of sinks is that they are irregular. They can vary in height as much as a 1/4" from the low point to high point. Their fronts often vary in width from top to bottom. This variance means there can be  installations that have gaps that are not identical on the left and right sides. Height variance means that once the sink is set and the top is installed, there may be a visible gap in bottom front edge of the sink. The top rim of the sink is caulked when the top is set. This keeps water from running into cabinet. This creates the potential for the caulk to be visible .  The actual sink needs delivered to our shop before we can build the sink cabinet for a apron sink. 

Farm Sinks

All of our cabinets are made using hardwood plywood for the floors, tops, backs, and sides.  Particleboard is not used anywhere in the cabinet. Finished sides are made from grade A, 3/4"  hardwood plywood with a finished veneer of the same type as the frames and doors.  Cheaper cabinets have a thin layer of printed plastic over particle board. Any exposure to water and they start coming apart.  We also have the option of making the finished sides to match the door style.  We have dovetail drawers as an option, with all of the undermount drawer guides, including the soft close, available.  

Please give us a call and let us help you with your cabinetry needs. 

Door Styles

Additional door styles are available.